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Elicitor signal transduction leading to production of plant secondary metabolites.
Plant secondary metabolites are unique sources for pharmaceuticals, food additives, flavors, and other industrial materials. Accumulation of such metabolites often occurs in plants subjected toExpand
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NMR-based metabolomic analysis of plants
Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR)-based metabolomics has many applications in plant science. Metabolomics can be used in functional genomics and to differentiate plants from different origin, or afterExpand
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The Catharanthus alkaloids: pharmacognosy and biotechnology.
The Catharanthus (or Vinca) alkaloids comprise a group of about 130 terpenoid indole alkaloids. Vinblastine is now marketed for more than 40 years as an anticancer drug and became a true leadExpand
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Natural deep eutectic solvents as new potential media for green technology.
Developing new green solvents is one of the key subjects in Green Chemistry. Ionic liquids (ILs) and deep eutectic solvents, thus, have been paid great attention to replace current harsh organicExpand
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Geraniol 10‐hydroxylase1, a cytochrome P450 enzyme involved in terpenoid indole alkaloid biosynthesis
Geraniol 10‐hydroxylase (G10H) is a cytochrome P450 monooxygenase involved in the biosynthesis of iridoid monoterpenoids and several classes of monoterpenoid alkaloids found in a diverse range ofExpand
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NMR-based plant metabolomics: where do we stand, where do we go?
NMR-based metabolomics is an important tool for studying biological systems and has been applied in various organisms, including animals, plants and microbes. NMR is able to provide a 'holistic view'Expand
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The seco-iridoid pathway from Catharanthus roseus
The (seco)iridoids and their derivatives, the monoterpenoid indole alkaloids (MIAs), form two large families of plant-derived bioactive compounds with a wide spectrum of high-value pharmacologicalExpand
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Natural deep eutectic solvents as a new extraction media for phenolic metabolites in Carthamus tinctorius L.
Developing green solvents with low toxicity and cost is an important issue for the biochemical industry. Synthetic ionic liquids and deep eutectic solvents have received considerable attention due toExpand
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Cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants for specialty industrial materials
Specialty materials such as essential oils, pharmaceuticals, colorants, dyes, cosmetics and biocides are obtained from plants. Many species of medicinal and aromatic plants (MAPs) are cultivated forExpand
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Coordinated regulation of two indole alkaloid biosynthetic genes from Catharanthus roseus by auxin and elicitors
Catharanthus roseus (periwinkle) produces a wide range of terpenoid indole alkaloids, including several pharmaceutically important compounds, from the intermediate strictosidine. The complete mRNAExpand
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