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HRM, Communication, Satisfaction, and Perceived Performance
Employee perceptions of HR practices are often assumed to play an important mediating role in the relationship between HR systems and HR outcomes. In a multisource, multilevel study of 2,063Expand
High performance work systems, organisational culture and firm effectiveness
The HRM literature emphasises the importance of people in enhancing firm performance or even creating competitive advantage. This study provides further evidence on the link between so-called highExpand
Charisma and rhetoric: Communicative techniques of international business leaders
Abstract Although powerful rhetoric is often associated with charismatic leadership, little explanation is available of why leader rhetoric is related to charisma. One of the first studies toExpand
Getting it done: Critical success factors for project managers in virtual work settings
What conditions do project managers perceive as the most important to get the work done when working in fully dispersed settings? Rather than focusing on problems that managers experience whenExpand
The assessment of communities of practice
This paper introduces the Community Assessment Toolkit (CAT) as a method for the assessment of Communities of Practice (CoPs) and provides an overview of its construction and applicability. Expand
Managing human resources across cultures: a comparative analysis of practices in industrial enterprises in China and The Netherlands
Abstract Although researchers and practitioners have come up with many good ideas for improving the employment relationship, there is no evidence for universally applicable practices. PriorExpand
Configurations of human resource management practices: a model and test of internal fit
This study examined human resource management (HRM) configurations. A typology consisting of four bundles of aligned HRM practices (labelled the bureaucratic, market, professional and flexibilityExpand
Developing HRM in foreign-Chinese joint Ventures
Human Resource Management (HRM) has become established as an alternative perspective on personnel management. HRM takes many forms, but its basis is the link between personnel practices and businessExpand
Managing Mobile Workinsights from European Practice
This paper features a number of enablers and barriers for the successful introduction of mobile work initiatives. Information and communication technology-enabled mobile work environments are anExpand
A typology of knowledge sharing networks in practice
Knowledge intensive organizations often rely on knowledge sharing networks. Such networks, often called ‘communities of practice’ are found in many organizations but their forms and functions appearExpand