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Antiviral activities of Aporosa lindleyana Baill
The antiviral activities such as in vitro HBsAg bin ding, HBV-DNA polymerase inhibition, RT (non-isotopic) inhibition, HSV inhibition were stud ied for the ethanolic extract of the root of AporosaExpand
A lignan from the root of Ecbolium linneanum Kurz.
From the chloroform extract of the root of Ecbolium linneanum Kurz., a furofuran type of unsymmetrical lignan named as Ecbolin A was isolated. The structure was established by spectroscopic methodsExpand
Comparative Pharmacogonostic Studies of Genuine and Commercial Samples of Trianthema Decandra Linn.
All the pharmacognostic findings reveal adulteration in the commercial samples of the root of R.Trianthema decandra Linn. Expand