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Universal properties of many-body delocalization transitions
We study the dynamical melting of "hot" one-dimensional many-body localized systems. As disorder is weakened below a critical value these non-thermal quantum glasses melt via a continuous dynamical
Measurement-induced criticality in random quantum circuits
We investigate the critical behavior of the entanglement transition induced by projective measurements in (Haar) random unitary quantum circuits. Using a replica approach, we map the calculation of
Indecomposability parameters in chiral logarithmic conformal field theory
Abstract Work of the last few years has shown that the key algebraic features of Logarithmic Conformal Field Theories (LCFTs) are already present in some finite lattice systems (such as the XXZ
Analytically Solvable Renormalization Group for the Many-Body Localization Transition.
A two-parameter scaling theory for the many-body localization transition that falls into the Kosterlitz-Thouless universality class, with the MBL phase corresponding to a stable line of fixed points with multifractal behavior.
Entanglement transitions from holographic random tensor networks
Universal features in patterns of entanglement of quantum states provide valuable information-theoretical insights into complex quantum many-body phases and dynamics. This work uncovers a novel class
Abstract The interest in Logarithmic Conformal Field Theories (LCFTs) has been growing over the last few years thanks to recent developments coming from various approaches. A particularly fruitful
Hydrodynamics of operator spreading and quasiparticle diffusion in interacting integrable systems
We address the hydrodynamics of operator spreading in interacting integrable lattice models. In these models, operators spread through the ballistic propagation of quasiparticles, with an operator
Scaling Theory of Entanglement at the Many-Body Localization Transition.
An improved real space renormalization group approach is developed that enables numerical simulation of large system sizes and systematic extrapolation to the infinite system size limit.
Logarithmic Conformal Field Theory: a Lattice Approach
Logarithmic Conformal Field Theories (LCFT) play a key role, for instance, in the description of critical geometrical problems (percolation, self avoiding walks, etc.), or of critical points in
Resurrecting Dead-water Phenomenon
Abstract. We revisit experimental studies performed by Ekman on dead-water (Ekman, 1904) using modern techniques in order to present new insights on this peculiar phenomenon. We extend its