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Systemic vascular dysregulation and retrobulbar hemodynamics in normal-tension glaucoma.
Ipaired retrobulbar hemodynamics may proceed from a vascular endotheliopathy in patients with NTG, and the influence of systemic vascular dysregulation on retrobul bar hemodynamics in normal-tension glaucoma (NTG) is investigated. Expand
6. The Simultaneous Decision(s) about the Number of Lower- and Higher-Level Classes in Multilevel Latent Class Analysis
Recently, several types of extensions of the latent class (LC) model have been developed for the analysis of data sets having a multilevel structure. The most popular variant is the multilevel LCExpand
Multilevel Mixture Factor Models
This article presents an alternative multilevel extension of factor analysis which is based on the assumption that higher level units belong to latent classes that differ in terms of the parameters of the factor model specified for the lower level units, and demonstrates the added value of MMFM compared with MFM. Expand
Robust ANalysis Of VAriance: An approach based on the Forward Search
A simple robust method for the detection of atypical observations and the analysis of their effect in the ANOVA framework is presented. It is proposed to use a forward search procedure that ordersExpand
Assessing the quality of institutions’ rankings obtained through multilevel linear regression models
The aim of this paper is to assess the quality of the ranking of institutions obtained with multilevel techniques in presence of different model misspecifications and data structures. Through a MonteExpand
Asset Ownership of the Elderly Across Europe: A Multilevel Latent Class Analysis to Segment Countries and Households
Wealth is a useful measure of the socio-economic status of the elderly, because it might reflect both accumulated socio-economic position and potential for current consumption. A growing number ofExpand
Specifying Measurement Error Correlations in Latent Growth Curve Models With Multiple Indicators
In this tutorial paper we focus on a multi-item Latent Growth Curve model for modeling change across time of a latent variable measured by multiple items at different occasions: in the structuralExpand
Binomial Mixture Modeling of University Credits
The paper reviews finite mixture models for binomial counts with concomitant variables. These models are well known in theory, but they are rarely applied. We use a binomial finite mixture to modelExpand
Statistical modelling of gained university credits to evaluate the role of pre-enrolment assessment tests: An approach based on quantile regression for counts
The results show that the pre-enrolment test adds some information to predict student performance, which can be exploited for tutoring and disentangle direct and indirect effects of background variables. Expand