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Creating value-in-use through marketing interaction: the exchange logic of relating, communicating and knowing
This article elaborates and extends the Vargo and Lusch (2004a) service-dominant (S-D) logic thesis. Three linked exchange-enablers and their potential for improving value-in-use are discussed:Expand
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Value propositions as communication practice: Taking a wider view
Abstract The aim of this article is to examine the concept and functioning of value propositions, seen through a service-dominant logic (S-D) lens. The variety of perspectives used to understandExpand
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Internal marketing: a review and some interdisciplinary research challenges
Presents an interdisciplinary literature review and research agenda and suggests a number of propositions, in advance of new fieldwork, to discover a revised or new theory of internal marketing as itExpand
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Social Exchange (Theory)
Although social exchange theory is not a formal theory, it may be the most important body of social psychological thinking for explaining social behavior as exchange with an understanding ofExpand
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Theorizing about resource integration through service-dominant logic
Resource integration, as it relates to value creation, has recently been a key aspect of the discussions about service-dominant (S-D) logic. However, the majority of research pays relatively littleExpand
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An exploration of the emotional impact of tele‐working via computer‐mediated communication
The practice of tele‐ or home‐working, has been adopted by an increasing number of companies and workers in response to the changing economic and social needs that characterise the world of workExpand
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Marketing Communication: Principles and Practice
An introduction to marketing communication a communication concept for communicating consumer behaviour and communication marketing communication ideology managing with stakeholders in mindExpand
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The service-dominant logic and the future of marketing
According to Vargo and Lusch (Journal of Marketing, 68:1–17, 2004a, Journal of Service Research, 6:324–335, b), service is the appropriate logic for marketing. For them, service is an interactiveExpand
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A broadened conception of internal marketing
Internal marketing has been of interest to practitioners and academics, in marketing and other disciplines of management, for some years, and published papers focus on definitions, the role ofExpand
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