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Effect of Rayleigh fading on non-coherent sequence synchronization for multi-user chaos based DS-CDMA
This paper presents the theoretical analysis and simulation results of the effects of frequency flat fading on non-coherent synchronization of a chaos-based DS-CDMA system with a chaotic pilot. Expand
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Structural phases of SrHfO3
Abstract Structural optimizations were performed for all previously predicted phases of SrHfO3, using density functional theory. The phonon dispersion relations of cubic P m 3 ¯ m phase of SrHfO3Expand
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Electronic, dynamical, and dielectric properties of lanthanum oxysulfide
Abstract The electronic band structure, lattice dynamics and dielectric properties of lanthanum oxysulfide (La2O2S) have been investigated within density functional theory. It is found that lanthanumExpand
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Lattice dynamics and electronic properties of the scintillator host material: Barium hafnate
The electronic properties of barium hafnate were studied using the density functional theory. It is found that barium hafnate is an indirect band gap insulator. The phonon frequencies and dielectricExpand
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Electronic properties and phonon spectra of SrMoO4
Abstract The electronic band structure, dielectric function, and phonon spectra of SrMoO 4 have been studied using density functional theory within the local density approximation. The origin of theExpand
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Accurate Derivation of Chaos-Based Acquisition Performance in a Fading Channel
Accurate expressions for sequence acquisition in a chaos-based spread-spectrum system are derived using the statistical properties of the chaos- based spreading sequences. Expand
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Analysis of Chaos-Based Code Tracking Using Chaotic Correlation Statistics
A new statistical method for examining correlation of chaotic-based systems is presented and the proposed method is applied to the analysis of a chaos-based noncoherent tracking loop. Expand
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Infrared and Raman spectra and the band structure of yttrium trifluoride YF3
Abstract The infrared and nonresonant Raman spectra of YF3 have been studied within the framework of density functional perturbation theory. We report the calculated frequencies of three Raman activeExpand
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Analysis of a Chaos-Based Non-Coherent Delay Lock Tracking Loop
In this paper, exact analytical expressions for a chaos-based non-coherent tracking loop are derived based on the correlation properties of Chebychev polynomials. Expand
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Vibrational, dielectric and scintillation properties of YAlO3
Abstract Vibrational and dielectric properties of YAlO 3 are investigated within the framework of density functional perturbation theory. The calculated zone center phonon frequencies and dielectricExpand
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