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Neural Expert Weighting: A NEW framework for dynamic forecast combination
This paper proposes a new weight generation framework called Neural Expert Weighting (NEW). Expand
Neural Net Ensembles for Lithology Recognition
In this paper we evaluate the performance of different ensemble systems, specially developed for the task of lithology recognition, based on well data from a major petroleum company. Expand
Lithology Recognition by Neural Network Ensembles
This paper investigates the advantages of methods based on Neural Network Classifier Ensembles - sets of neural networks working in a cooperative way to achieve a consensus decision- in the solution of the lithology recognition problem, a common task found in the petroleum exploration field. Expand
An Application of Combined Neural Networks to Remotely Sensed Images
We investigate the potential of combining neural networks to remotely sensed images. Expand
Uma Estratégia para Melhoria de Processo de Desenvolvimento de Software Baseado em Componentes
This paper describes a strategy for the specialization of software process capability models for the specific context of component based software development process improvement. Expand
Facial Expression Classification Using Combined Neural Networks
Studies in the area of Pattern Recognition have indicated that a classification model performs differently from class to class. This observation leads to combining the individual results of differentExpand
Neural expert weighing
This article describes a novel framework for combining time series forecasts. Expand