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Development and characterization of microsatellite markers for genetic analysis of a Brazilian endangered tree species Caryocar brasiliense
In this work we report the development and characterization of 10 microsatellite loci for the endangered tree species Caryocar brasiliense. Using genomic library enrichment, the efficiency of SSRExpand
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Genetic structure and gene flow in Eugenia dysenterica DC in the Brazilian Cerrado utilizing SSR markers
The ''cagaita tree'' (Eugenia dysenterica) is a plant found widespread in the Brazilian Cerrado. Its fruit is used for popular consumption and for industrial purposes. This study opens a newExpand
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Microsatellite markers for the common bean Phaseolus vulgaris
Efforts to develop molecular tools for genetic analysis and breeding of common bean in the tropics are still limited. The number of microsatellite markers available for the crop is small compared toExpand
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Microsatellite markers for heart of palm — Euterpe edulis and E. oleracea Mart. (Arecaceae)
Euterpe edulis is the species of palm found in the Atlantic Forest and Cerrado gallery forest that yields the best heart of palm. A battery of 18 highly polymorphic microsatellite markers wasExpand
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Microsatellite markers for Ceiba pentandra (Bombacaceae), an endangered tree species of the Amazon forest
From a genomic library enriched for AG/TC repeats, eight polymorphic microsatellite markers were developed for Ceiba pentandra, a pan-tropical forest tree. Polymorphism was evaluated using a panel ofExpand
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Paternity testing and behavioral ecology: a case study of jaguars (Panthera onca) in Emas National Park, Central Brazil
We used microsatellite loci to test the paternity of two male jaguars involved in an infanticide event recorded during a long-term monitoring program of this species. Seven microsatellite primersExpand
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Development of rice lines with gene introgression from the wild Oryza glumaepatula by the AB-QTL methodology.
Wild rice of the species Oryza glumaepatula is found Brazil and has been used to broaden the genetic basis of irrigated rice populations in Embrapa breeding programs. Objective of this study was toExpand
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Utilização de marcadores moleculares em programas de ampliação da base genética de espécies cultivadas.
Introducao; Utilizacao de germoplasma em programas de melhoramento genetico; Determinacao da variabilidade genetica em acessos do banco de germoplasma; Cruzamentos amplos; Marcadores moleculares noExpand
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Análise de pureza genética de sementes de feijoeiro comum utilizando marcadores microssatélites em sistema de genotipagem multiplex.
Esse estudo teve como objetivo avaliar quanto a pureza genetica um conjunto de sementes de feijao comum resultantes do processo de multiplicacao da cultivar BRS Campeiro, incluindo as sementesExpand
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Population structure of the rice composite set.
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