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Passive-sampler derived air concentrations of persistent organic pollutants on a north-south transect in Chile.
Passive air samplers consisting of polyurethane foam (PUF) disks, were deployed in six locations in Chile along a north-south transect to investigate gas-phase concentrations of polychlorinatedExpand
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Evaluation of Water Quality in the Chillán River (Central Chile) Using Physicochemical Parameters and a Modified Water Quality Index
The Chillán River in Central Chile plays a fundamental role in local society, as a source of irrigation and drinking water, and as a sink for urban wastewater. In order to characterize the spatialExpand
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Multiple effects of urbanization on the biodiversity of developing countries: the case of a fast-growing metropolitan area (Concepción, Chile).
Urbanization is increasingly homogenizing the biota of less developed countries. Even though urban sprawl is a worldwide problem, most studies on the effects of urbanization, and the conceptualExpand
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Early to Mid-Holocene Aridity in Central Chile and the Southern Westerlies: The Laguna Aculeo Record (34°S)
Abstract Central Chile (32–35°S) lies at the northern border of strong Westerly influence and thus exhibits a steep precipitation gradient. Therefore, the palaeoclimatic archives in the region areExpand
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Moisture changes and fluctuations of the Westerlies in Mediterranean Central Chile during the last 2000 years: The Laguna Aculeo record (33°50′S)
Abstract The multi-proxy study of lacustrine sediments from Laguna Aculeo (33°50′S) provides detailed information about moisture changes in the lowlands of Mediterranean Central Chile during the lastExpand
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Lacustrine turbidites as a tool for quantitative earthquake reconstruction: New evidence for a variable rupture mode in south central Chile
Understanding the long-term earthquake recurrence pattern at subduction zones requires continuous paleoseismic records with excellent temporal and spatial resolution and stable threshold conditions.Expand
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Giant earthquakes in South-Central Chile revealed by Holocene mass-wasting events in Lake Puyehue
Abstract Very high resolution reflection seismic profiling (3.5 kHz) revealed nine Holocene mass-wasting events in Lake Puyehue (South-Central Chile). These events are made up of numerous coevalExpand
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Levels and spatial distribution of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in sediments from Lenga Estuary, central Chile.
The Lenga Estuary is a small brackish wetland located southwest of San Vicente Bay, Region VIII, Chile. Surface sediment from nine sites in the estuary were analysed for PAHs and compared to SedimentExpand
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Records of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in sediments of four remote Chilean Andean Lakes.
Sediment cores from four Chilean lakes along the Andes Chain (Chungará, Laja, Castor and Venus) were analysed in order to investigate PCB concentrations and distributions in sediment samples.Expand
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Widespread deformation of basin-plain sediments in Aysén fjord (Chile) due to impact by earthquake-triggered, onshore-generated mass movements
Abstract The 2007 M w 6.2 earthquake in Aysen fjord caused widespread basin-plain deformation and has had prehistorical predecessors. Both superficial and buried deformed basin-plain deposits areExpand
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