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Rhizosphere microbes facilitate redox homeostasis in Cicer arietinum against biotic stress
The aim of this study was to evaluate the potentiality of three compatible rhizosphere microbes, viz. fluorescent Pseudomonas aeruginosa (PHU094), Trichoderma harzianum (THU0816) and MesorhizobiumExpand
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Gibberella indica: the perfect state of Fusarium udum
(1982). Gibberella Indica: The Perfect State of Fusarium Udum. Mycologia: Vol. 74, No. 2, pp. 343-346.
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Fine root growth dynamics in teak (Tectonagrandis Linn. F.)
Temporal variations in the spatial distribution of fine root mass were studied in a 19-year-old teak plantation in a dry tropical region. The soil block method was used to investigate fine rootExpand
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Environmental factors affecting the antagonism of Pseudomonas cepacia against Trichoderma viride.
Antagonistic activity of the bacterium Pseudomonas cepacia against Trichoderma viride was greatly influenced by nutritional and environmental conditions. Xylose and trehalose strongly enhanced theExpand
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Beneficial compatible microbes enhance antioxidants in chickpea edible parts through synergistic interactions
Rhizosphere microbe-mediated induction of antioxidant mechanisms for disease resistance in plants is known but their impact on nutritional content of the edible parts is not clear. A study wasExpand
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Beneficial Microbes for Disease Suppression and Plant Growth Promotion
Plant growth-promoting microorganisms (PGPMs) constitute the microbes that are intricately associated with the plant system and may consist of rhizospheric bacteria, fungi, mycorrhiza, endophyticExpand
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Fungal Toxins and Their Impact on Living Systems
Some of the most potent toxins are synthesized by fungi. Fungal toxins are the chemicals produced by fungi under certain conditions. They may be classified under different chemical classes. They areExpand
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Cellulase in Pulp and Paper Industry
The paper and packaging industry is an important part of the global economy and plays a critical role in the world economy. Cellulase, a complex enzyme produced by a number of microorganisms, hasExpand
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