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Triterpenes and B-sitosterol from piper betle: isolation, antiplatelet and anti-inflammatory effects.
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Dual Inhibition of Platelet‐activating Factor and Arachidonic Acid Metabolism by Ajmaline and Effect on Carrageenan‐induced Rat Paw Oedema
Abstract— The effects of ajmaline on human platelet aggregation, arachidonate metabolism and platelet activating factor (PAF)‐induced lethality in rabbits were examined. Platelet aggregation inducedExpand
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Eugenol: a dual inhibitor of platelet-activating factor and arachidonic acid metabolism.
Eugenol is an active principal and responsible for several pharmacological activities of clove oil. We studied the effects of eugenol on human platelet aggregation, arachidonic acid (AA) andExpand
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8-Hydroxyquinoline and its derivatives: potential inhibitors of platelet aggregation.
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Inhibition of platelet aggregation and arachidonic acid metabolism by B-carboline alkaloids.
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Inhibition of platelet activating factor by ajmaline in platelets: in vitro and in vivo studies.
The in vitro and in vivo effects of ajmaline and its derivatives on platelet aggregation and platelet-activating factor (PAF) induced death in rabbits was studied. Ajmalinc and acetyl ajmalineExpand
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