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Capital and Labour on the Kimberley Diamond Fields, 1871-1890
This academic history of diamond mining in Kimberley is a major study of the beginning of South Africa's mineral revolution. It includes the first analysis of the formation of De Beers Consolidated
Muti Ritual Murder in Natal: From Chiefs to Commoners (1900–1930)
  • R. Turrell
  • History
    Suid-Afrikaanse historiese joernaal
  • 1 May 2001
Ritual murders comprised forty per cent of those executed in the first fifteen months after Union and most were muti murderers and not umtagati murderers, the killers of witches who were believed to be the source of grave evil.
« It's a Mystery » : the Royal Prerogative of Mercy in England, Canada and South Africa
This essay asks the question : on what grounds were murderers reprieved in England, Canada and South Africa in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries ? It weighs up three interpretations. Radzinowicz