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A Low-Magnetic-Field Soft Gamma Repeater
Odd Magnetar Magnetars are neutron stars that are widely thought to be powered by extremely high magnetic fields. Using data from three different x-ray observatories, Rea et al. (p. 944, publishedExpand
An accreting pulsar with extreme properties drives an ultraluminous x-ray source in NGC 5907
Spinning up an extragalactic neutron star Ultraluminous x-ray sources (ULXs) are strange objects in other galaxies that cannot be explained by conventional accretion onto stellar-mass objects. ThisExpand
The discovery, monitoring and environment of SGR J1935+2154
NR is supported by an NWO Vidi Grant, and by grants AYA2012-39303 and SGR2014-1073. This work is partially supported by the European COST ActionMP1304 (NewCOMPSTAR).
An XMM-Newton View of the Soft Gamma Repeater SGR 1806-20: Long-Term Variability in the Pre-Giant Flare Epoch
The low-energy (<10 keV) X-ray emission of the soft gamma repeater SGR 1806-20 has been studied by means of four XMM-Newton observations carried out in the last two years, the latest performed inExpand
A new low magnetic field magnetar: the 2011 outburst of Swift J1822.3–1606
We report on the long-term X-ray monitoring withSwift,RXTE,Suzaku,Chandra, andXMM-Newton of the outburst of the newly discovered magnetar Swift J1822.3−1606 (SGR 1822−1606), from the firstExpand
Three XMM-Newton observations of the anomalous X-ray pulsar 1E 1048.1-5937: Long term variations in spectrum and pulsed fraction
We report the results of a recent (July 2004) XMM-Newton Target of Opportunity observation of the Anomalous X-ray Pulsar 1E 1048.1-5937 together with a detailed re-analysis of previous observationsExpand
On 2009 January 22 numerous strong bursts were detected from the anomalous X-ray pulsar 1E 1547.0-5408. Swift/XRT and XMM-Newton/EPIC observations carried out in the following two weeks led to theExpand
The isolated neutron star X-ray pulsars RX J0420.0-5022 and RX J0806.4-4123: New X-ray and optical observations
We report on the analysis of new X-ray data obtained with XMM-Newton and Chandra from two ROSAT-discovered X-ray dim isolated neutron stars (XDINs). RX J0806.4−4123 was observed with XMM-Newton inExpand
Magnetars: the physics behind observations. A review.
Magnetars are the strongest magnets in the present universe and the combination of extreme magnetic field, gravity and density makes them unique laboratories to probe current physical theories (fromExpand
The first outburst of the new magnetar candidate SGR 0501+4516
We report here on the outburst onset and evolution of the new soft gamma-ray repeater SGR 0501+4516. We monitored the new SGR with XMM- Newton starting on 2008 August 23, 1 day after the sourceExpand