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The Marx-Engels Reader
Compiles the significant writings of Marx and Engels in an attempt to trace the origins and meaning of classical Marxism.
Politics as leadership
Robert C. Tucker begins this invaluable book with an analytical look at politics, leadership, and the effect each has on the other. Aligning himself with Plato's view of politics as leadership,Expand
The Rise of Stalin's Personality Cult
THE CULT OF LENIN, which Lenin himself opposed and managed to keep in check until incapacitated by a stroke in March 1923, subsequently became a pervasive part of Soviet public life. No single causeExpand
Diagnosing Race Relations in Management
This paper reports the theory, process, results, and consequences of diagnosing the race relations among managers of a large industrial corporation. A four person diagnostic team consisting of aExpand
A field experiment for studying race relations embedded in organizations
Summary When social scientists conduct research in organizations, they engage in relationships with respondents in order to obtain information. For studies of race relations in organizations,Expand
Towards a Comparative Politics of Movement-Regimes
Those who specialize in the study of Soviet government and politics are beginning to feel and acknowledge the need for a more effective theoretical apparatus. The post-war years of expanded researchExpand
Stalin in Power: The Revolution from Above, 1928-1941
This book forms the second volume of Tucker's biography of Stalin, the first volume of which was "Stalin as Revolutionary". The author shows that Stalin was a Bolshevik of the radical right whoseExpand