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The pediatric Chiari I malformation: a review
BackgroundBoth the diagnosis and treatment regimens for the Chiari I malformation (CIM) are varied and controversial. The present paper analyzes the literature regarding this form of hindbrainExpand
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Clinical anatomy of the mastoid and occipital emissary veins in a large series
IntroductionDetailed descriptions of the mastoid emissary veins (MEVs) and the foramina through which they travel are lacking in the literature. Therefore, the aim of our study was to explore andExpand
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The cranial dura mater: a review of its history, embryology, and anatomy
IntroductionThe dura mater is important to the clinician as a barrier to the internal environment of the brain, and surgically, its anatomy should be well known to the neurosurgeon and clinician whoExpand
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Anatomical variation in arterial supply of the mandible with special regard to implant placement.
The aim of this study was to explore the anatomical variation of the sublingual artery in relation to the mandible, and provide preoperative information to avoid hemorrhagic complications of implantExpand
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Nasal encephaloceles: a review of etiology, pathophysiology, clinical presentations, diagnosis, treatment, and complications
IntroductionEncephaloceles are considered by most to be a type of neural tube defect characterized by a herniation of the brain and meninges through structural weaknesses in the bony structures ofExpand
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Review of the surgical anatomy of the axillary nerve and the anatomic basis of its iatrogenic and traumatic injury
The axillary nerve is invariably reported to be one of the most commonly injured nerves during surgical procedures of the shoulder, and the importance of protecting it cannot be overemphasized. ManyExpand
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The human calvaria: a review of embryology, anatomy, pathology, and molecular development
IntroductionThe human skull is a complex structure that deserves continued study. Few studies have directed their attention to the development, pathology, and molecular formation of the humanExpand
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The odontoid process: a comprehensive review of its anatomy, embryology, and variations
BackgroundThe odontoid process is a critical component of the cranio-cervical junction. Therefore, clinicians who diagnose, treat, or operate this region need a strong background in regard to theExpand
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The transverse genicular ligament: anatomical study and review of the literature
There is scant information in the literature regarding the transverse genicular ligament. In order to elucidate further the anatomy and controversial function of this structure, we dissected 28Expand
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Anatomy and biomechanics of the vertebral aponeurosis part of the posterior layer of the thoracolumbar fascia
There is significant paucity in the literature regarding vertebral aponeurosis. We were able to find only a few descriptions of this specific fascia in the extant medical literature. To elucidateExpand
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