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Clinical Pharmacokinetics of Antioxidants and Their Impact on Systemic Oxidative Stress
Dietary antioxidants play a major role in maintaining the homeostasis of the oxidative balance. They are believed to protect humans from disease and aging. Vitamin C (ascorbic acid), vitamin EExpand
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Ocular pulse amplitude in patients with open angle glaucoma, normal tension glaucoma, and ocular hypertension
Background/aim: Intraocular pressure (IOP) is not a fixed constant value but rather has pulsatile components associated with cardiac action. The SmartLens dynamic observing tonometer (odc, OphthalmicExpand
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Lack of Oxidative Stress during Sustained Therapy with Isosorbide Dinitrate and Pentaerythrityl Tetranitrate in Healthy Humans: A Randomized, Double-Blind Crossover Study
The mechanisms by which tolerance to organic nitrates develops are still poorly understood. Enhanced oxidative stress, i.e., increased free radical production following organic nitrateExpand
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Catalysts for second-stage deep hydrodesulfurisation of gas oils
Abstract The interest for new deep hydrodesulfurisation (HDS) processes is expected to rise since more stringent legislation for the maximum sulfur concentration in automotive diesel fuel has beenExpand
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Cyclosporine in atopic dermatitis. Modulation in the expression of immunologic markers in lesional skin.
BACKGROUND In previous studies, oral cyclosporine was highly effective in the treatment of patients with severe atopic dermatitis. In this study seven patients with severe and therapy-resistantExpand
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Nebivolol decreases systemic oxidative stress in healthy volunteers.
AIMS Nebivolol is a selective, vasodilatory beta1-adrenergic receptor antagonist which has been suggested to possess additional antioxidative properties. The aim of the present study was to assessExpand
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Normal Oxidative Stress and Enhanced Lipoprotein Resistance to In Vitro Oxidation in Hypertriglyceridemia: Effects of Bezafibrate Therapy
Although there is evidence that hyperlipidemia and predominance of small dense low density lipoproteins (LDLs) are associated with increased oxidative stress, the oxidation status in patients withExpand
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Clinical comparison of two intraocular pressure measurement methods: SmartLens dynamic observing tonography versus Goldmann
Abstract.Purpose: To compare intraocular pressure measurements obtained with SmartLens, a gonioscopic contact lens, to those from Goldmann applanation tonometry. Methods: Eighty volunteers (20Expand
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Übereinstimmung von klinischer Beurteilung, Heidelberg-Retina-Tomograph (HRT) und Nerve Fiber Analyzer (GDx) in der Glaukomdiagnostik
BACKGROUND: We have made a comparison of clinical evaluation, Heidelberg-Retina-Tomograph (HRT) and Nerve Fiber Analyzer (GDx) in diagnosing glaucoma. MATERIALS AND METHODS: One eye of 38 glaucomaExpand
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