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Parental investment and sexual selection
Charles Darwin's (1871) treatnent of the topic of sexual selection was sometinrcs confused because he lackcd a gcneral framework within which to relate the variables he perceived to bc important:Expand
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Natural Selection of Parental Ability to Vary the Sex Ratio of Offspring
Theory and data suggest that a male in good condition at the end of the period of parental investment is expected to outreproduce a sister in similar condition, while she is expected to outreproduceExpand
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Haploidploidy and the evolution of the social insect.
Halminton (1) was apparently the first to appreciate that the synthesis of Mendelian genetics with Darwin's theory of natural selection had profound implications for social theory. In particular,Expand
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Parent-Offspring Conflict
When parent-offspring relations in sexually reproducing species are viewed from the standpoint of the offspring as well as the parent, conflict is seen to be an expected feature of such relations. InExpand
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II Parental investment and sexual selection
Charles Darwin's (1871) treatment of lhe topic of sex ual selection was sometimes confused because he lacked a general framework within whidl to relate the variables he pcrccived to be important:Expand
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  • R. Trivers
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  • 1 June 1976
In 1969, I began a field study of the social behavior of two Jamaican lizards, Anolis garmani and A. valencienni. This study has developed into an attempt to measure how sexual selection has moldedExpand
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