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A simple and rapid technique to isolate enriched populations of spermatocytes and spermatids from the immature rat testis.
A technique was developed to obtain enriched populations of large numbers of primary spermatacytes (70--81%) and of spermatids (75%) from immature rat testes (21--23 and 38 days old respectively) inExpand
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Changes in calmodulin compartmentalization throughout capacitation and acrosome reaction in guinea pig spermatozoa
Calmodulin has been postulated as a mediator in the calcium‐dependent processes that culminate in the acrosome reaction. Changes in calmodulin compartmentalization as a consequence of the increasedExpand
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Effects of quercetin on rat testis aerobic glycolysis.
Lactate production by testicular fragments and isolated germinal cells at various stages of spermatogenesis was studied in aerobic and anerobic conditions. Several ATPase inhibitors were used toExpand
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Calmodulin binding proteins in the membrane vesicles released during the acrosome reaction and in the perinuclear material in isolated acrosome reacted sperm heads.
Calmodulin has been suggested as the Ca(2+)-mediator in diverse cellular functions via its interaction with a number of proteins in a calcium-dependent manner. Its participation in the acrosomeExpand
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Calmodulin content, Ca2+‐dependent calmodulin binding proteins, and testis growth: Identification of Ca2+‐dependent calmodulin binding proteins in primary spermatocytes
In contrast with the transient pre‐replicative increase in calmodulin (CaM) level observed in proliferative activated cells, postnatal development of rat testis was paralleled by 3 specific rises inExpand
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Changes in cyclin B localisation during pig oocyte in vitro maturation.
The localisation of cyclin B throughout in vitro maturation of pig oocytes was determined by indirect immunofluorescence using a monoclonal antibody specific for an epitope of the human cyclin B.Expand
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Inbreeding depression and a poor start in life
Inbreeding is a widespread phenomenon that can decrease fitness. Inbreeding depression occurs because matings between relatives lead to an increase in homozygosity. Inbreeding is a pervasive forceExpand
Immunological and ultrastructural study of the surface of isolated rat testis germinal cells.
In the present study, cross absorption tests and indirect immunofluorescence detected antigenic differences between isolated testicular cell populations from 21 and 38 day old rats, respectively.Expand