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SWE, a comprehensive plasma instrument for the WIND spacecraft
The Solar Wind Experiment (SWE) on the WIND spacecraft is a comprehensive, integrated set of sensors which is designed to investigate outstanding problems in solar wind physics. It consists of twoExpand
Magnetospheric Multiscale Overview and Science Objectives
Magnetospheric Multiscale (MMS), a NASA four-spacecraft constellation mission launched on March 12, 2015, will investigate magnetic reconnection in the boundary regions of the Earth’s magnetosphere,Expand
The Electric and Magnetic Field Instrument Suite and Integrated Science (EMFISIS) on RBSP
The Electric and Magnetic Field Instrument and Integrated Science (EMFISIS) investigation on the NASA Radiation Belt Storm Probes (now named the Van Allen Probes) mission provides key wave and veryExpand
The Magnetospheric Multiscale Magnetometers
The success of the Magnetospheric Multiscale mission depends on the accurate measurement of the magnetic field on all four spacecraft. Expand
Comparison of S3-3 polar cap potential drops with the interplanetary magnetic field and models of magnetopause reconnection
Measurements of the cross polar cap electric potential, by the double probe electric field experiment aboard S3-3, from 55 orbits in the dawn-dusk plane are compared with the reconnection electricExpand
Observations of paired electrostatic shocks in the polar magnetosphere
dc and ac plasma-density and vector-electric-field detectors on a polar orbiting satellite have measured spatially confined regions of extremely large (\ensuremath{\sim}\textonehalf{} V/m) electricExpand
Hydra — A 3-dimensional electron and ion hot plasma instrument for the POLAR spacecraft of the GGS mission
HYDRA is an experimental hot plasma investigation for the POLAR spacecraft of the GGS program. A consortium of institutions has designed a suite of particle analyzers that sample the velocity spaceExpand
Electron-scale measurements of magnetic reconnection in space
Probing magnetic reconnection in space Magnetic reconnection occurs when the magnetic field permeating a conductive plasma rapidly rearranges itself, releasing energy and accelerating particles.Expand
Satellite measurements and theories of low altitude auroral particle acceleration
Several previous and new S3-3 satellite results on DC electric fields, field-aligned currents, and waves are described, interpreted theoretically, and applied to the understanding of auroral particleExpand
Preliminary non-hardware (“soft”) cost-reduction Roadmap for residential and small commercial solar photovoltaics, 2013-2020
This paper presents results from the first effort to quantitatively roadmap reductions in non-hardware, soft costs for photovoltaic (PV) systems at the residential and small commercial (<;250-kW)Expand