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Wear and Marginal Breakdown of Composites with Various Degrees of Cure
This study showed that the resistance to abrasive wear of a dental composite could be improved by enhancement of its degree of conversion.
Electrical characteristics of flash sintering: thermal runaway of Joule heating
Abstract Flash sintering occurs when an electric field is applied to a heated ceramic powder compact. At a critical combination of field and temperature, a power surge occurs (the “flash event”) and
Preliminary investigation of flash sintering of SiC
Abstract The feasibility of flash sintering a covalent ceramic, SiC, has been investigated for the first time. Flash sintering involves the application of an electrical potential difference across a
The improvement of constituent dissolution and mechanical properties of 7055 aluminum alloy by stepped heat treatments
The effects of stepped heat treatments on the dissolution of soluble remnant constituents and the mechanical properties of a 7055 aluminum alloy were investigated. Optical and electron microscopy
Grain size dependence of hardness and fracture toughness in pure near fully-dense boron carbide ceramics
Abstract Room temperature fracture toughness and hardness of spark plasma sintered pure B 4 C ceramics with grain sizes ranging from 120 nm to 17 μm have been studied. Vickers indentation and single
Ultra-fast firing: Effect of heating rate on sintering of 3YSZ, with and without an electric field
Abstract It has recently been reported that ceramics can be sintered in a few seconds with the aid of an electric field (“flash sintering”). This investigation tests the possibility that the
Ultra-fast and energy-efficient sintering of ceramics by electric current concentration
A novel system including an electrically insulated graphite die for Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS) is described, which allows the sintering of any refractory ceramic material in less than 1 minute starting from room temperature with heating rates higher than 2000°C/min and an energy consumption up to 100 times lower than with SPS.
Microcantilever investigation of fracture toughness and subcritical crack growth on the scale of the microstructure in Al2O3
Abstract Knowledge of the fracture characteristics of individual microstructural features such as grains and grain boundaries is essential for a full understanding of the macroscopic behaviour of
A trapped field of >3 T in bulk MgB2 fabricated by uniaxial hot pressing
A trapped field of over 3 T has been measured at 17.5 K in a magnetized stack of two disc-shaped bulk MgB2 superconductors of diameter 25 mm and thickness 5.4 mm. The bulk MgB2 samples were
Flash Sintering of Ceramics: A Short Review
“Flash sintering” occurs when an electrical potential difference is applied across a ceramic powder compact and is characterised by an electrical power surge at a specific combination of electric