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Linking Entrepreneurship and Economic Growth
In the 1980s stagflation and high unemployment caused a renewed interest in supply side economics and in factors determining economic growth. Simultaneously, the 1980s and 1990s have seen a
The Value of Human and Social Capital Investments for the Business Performance of Startups
We investigate the manifold posed question: “To what extent does investment in human and social capital, besides the effect of ‘talent’, enhance entrepreneurial performance?” We distinguish between
The Effect of Entrepreneurial Activity on National Economic Growth
Entrepreneurial activity is generally assumed to be an important aspect of the organization of industries most conducive to innovative activity and unrestrained competition. This paper investigates
The Impact of Entrepreneurship on Economic Growth
The present chapter deals with the consequences of entrepreneurship for macro-economic growth. It consists of eight sections: (1) Introduction; (2) The influence of economic development on
An Eclectic Theory of Entrepreneurship: Policies, Institutions and Culture
The level of entrepreneurship differs considerably across countries and periods. Both thecauses and consequences of entrepreneurship are a matter of extensive scientific debate aswell as of great
Nascent entrepreneurship and the level of economic development
The online version of the original article can be found under doi: 10.1007/s11187-005-1994-8
Nascent Entrepreneurship and the Level of Economic Development
Based upon two strands of literature, this paper hypothesizes a U-shaped relationship between a country’s rate of entrepreneurial dynamics and its level of economic development. This would imply a
Does Self-Employment Reduce Unemployment?
This paper investigates the dynamic relationship between self-employment and unemployment rates. On the one hand, high unemployment rates may lead to start-up activity of self-employed individuals
Economic Development and Business Ownership: An Analysis Using Data of 23 OECD Countries in the Period 1976–1996
In the present paper we address the relationship between business ownership and economic development. We will focus upon three issues. First, how is the equilibrium rate of business ownership related
Success and Risk Factors in the Pre-Startup Phase
Why does one person actually succeed in starting a business, while a second person gives up? In order to answer this question, a sample of 517 nascent entrepreneurs (people in the process of setting