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Influences of carotenoid supplementation on the integrated antioxidant system of a free living endangered passerine, the hihi (Notiomystis cincta).
The integrated antioxidant system is recognised as an essential component of an organisms self maintenance. Our knowledge of this system, however, is largely restricted to species of economicExpand
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Sense and sensitivity: responsiveness to offspring signals varies with the parents' potential to breed again
How sensitive should parents be to the demands of their young? Offspring are under selection to seek more investment than is optimal for parents to supply, which makes parents vulnerable to losingExpand
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Cuckoos Combat Socially Transmitted Defenses of Reed Warbler Hosts with a Plumage Polymorphism
Learning to Recognize a Cuckoo Species that are parasitized by cuckoos have evolved several strategies for trying to avoid having their nests hijacked—one of the most obvious being outrightExpand
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Condition dependence of nestling mouth colour and the effect of supplementing carotenoids on parental behaviour in the hihi (Notiomystis cincta)
Carotenoids are integument pigments that often reflect foraging efficiency, disease resistance and body condition. In contrast to the widespread attention this relationship has received in adultExpand
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Spectral mouth colour of nestlings changes with carotenoid availability
Summary 1. Despite the proliferation of studies on the role of nestling mouth colour in parent‐offspring communication, there has been very little work regarding the proximate mechanism for mouthExpand
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Social transmission of avoidance among predators facilitates the spread of novel prey
Warning signals are an effective defence strategy for aposematic prey, but only if they are recognized by potential predators. If predators must eat prey to associate novel warning signals withExpand
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The reach of gene–culture coevolution in animals
Culture (behaviour based on socially transmitted information) is present in diverse animal species, yet how it interacts with genetic evolution remains largely unexplored. Here, we review theExpand
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Reed Warbler Hosts Fine-Tune their Defenses to Track Three Decades of Cuckoo Decline
Interactions between avian hosts and brood parasites can provide a model for how animals adapt to a changing world. Reed warbler (Acrocephalus scirpaceus) hosts employ costly defenses to combatExpand
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Maternally invested carotenoids compensate costly ectoparasitism in the hihi
Dietary ingested carotenoid biomolecules have been linked to both improved health and immunity in nestling birds. Here, we test whether maternally invested egg carotenoids can offset the cost ofExpand
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Can video playback provide social information for foraging blue tits?
We show that focal blue tits respond differently to the presence of a demonstrator on a video screen, depending on whether demonstrators discover palatable or aversive prey. Expand
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