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Electron scattering loss in Earth's inner magnetosphere: 1. Dominant physical processes
Pitch angle diffusion rates due to Coulomb collisions and resonant interactions with plasmaspheric hiss, lightning-induced whistlers and anthropogenic VLF transmissions are computed for innerExpand
Timescale for radiation belt electron acceleration by whistler mode chorus waves
[1] Electron acceleration inside the Earth's magnetosphere is required to explain increases in the ∼MeV radiation belt electron flux during magnetically disturbed periods. Recent studies show thatExpand
The terrestrial ring current: Origin, formation, and decay
The terrestrial ring current is an electric current flowing toroidally around the Earth, centered at the equatorial plane and at altitudes of ;10,000 - 60,000 km. Changes in this current areExpand
Pitch-angle diffusion of radiation belt electrons within the plasmasphere.
The goal of this work is to explain the formation of the quiet-time electron slot, which divides the radiation belt electrons into an inner and an outer zone. We quantitatively investigate theExpand
Relativistic electron pitch-angle scattering by electromagnetic ion cyclotron waves during geomagnetic storms
During magnetic storms, relativistic electrons execute nearly circular orbits about the Earth and traverse a spatially confined zone within the duskside plasmapause where electromagnetic ionExpand
Relativistic theory of wave‐particle resonant diffusion with application to electron acceleration in the magnetosphere
Resonant diffusion curves for electron cyclotron resonance with field-aligned electromagnetic R mode and L mode electromagnetic ion cyclotron (EMIC) waves are constructed using a fully relativisticExpand
Radiation belt dynamics: The importance of wave‐particle interactions
[1] The flux of energetic electrons in the Earth's outer radiation belt can vary by several orders of magnitude over time scales less than a day, in response to changes in properties of the solarExpand
Statistical analysis of relativistic electron energies for cyclotron resonance with EMIC waves observed on CRRES
Electromagnetic ion cyclotron (EMIC) waves which propagate at frequencies below the proton gyrofrequency can undergo cyclotron resonant interactions with relativistic electrons in the outer radiationExpand
Review of radiation belt relativistic electron losses
We present a brief review of radiation belt electron losses which are vitally important for controlling the dynamics of the radiation belts. A historical overview of early observations is presented,Expand
Electron scattering loss in Earth's inner magnetosphere: 2. Sensitivity to model parameters
The sensitivity of the rate of energetic electron pitch angle scattering and precipitation loss in the Earth's magnetosphere due to Coulomb interactions with thermal plasma and resonant wave-particleExpand