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Lignin-Modifying Enzymes of Flavodon flavus, a Basidiomycete Isolated from a Coastal Marine Environment
ABSTRACT A basidiomycetous fungus Flavodon flavus (Klotzsch) Ryvarden (strain 312), isolated from decaying sea grass from a coral lagoon off the west coast of India, mineralized nearly 24%Expand
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Isolation of saprophytic basidiomycetes from soil.
A method with the combined advantages of soil particle washing, selective inhibitors, and an indicator substrate was developed to isolate saprophytic basidiomycetes from soil. Organic particles wereExpand
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Diversity of Basidiomycetes in Michigan Agricultural Soils
ABSTRACT We analyzed the communities of soil basidiomycetes in agroecosystems that differ in tillage history at the Kellogg Biological Station Long-Term Ecological Research site near Battle Creek,Expand
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Destruction of nematodes by species of Pleurotus
On water agar, Pleurotus ostreatus produces tiny droplets of toxin from minute spathulate secretory cells. Nematodes touching such droplets show a sudden and dramatic response. The head regionExpand
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Phylogenetic analyses and the distribution of nematophagy support a monophyletic Pleurotaceae within the polyphyletic pleurotoid-lentinoid fungi
Phylogenetic analyses based on partial se- quences from nuclear 25S rDNA indicate a mono- phyletic Pleurotaceae, consisting of the monophyletic genera Pleurotus and Hohenbuehelia, within the poly-Expand
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Molecular systematics of the cotton root rot pathogen, Phymatotrichopsis omnivora
Cotton root rot is an important soilborne disease of cotton and numerous dicot plants in the south-western United States and Mexico. The causal organism, Phymatotrichopsis omnivora (= PhymatotrichumExpand
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Nematode-trapping in Pleurotus tuberregium
Pleurotus tuberregium is a common basidio? mycete in parts of tropical Africa and Australia that fruits from a subterranean true sclerotium. Evidence from field collections suggests that theExpand
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