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Health and Health Care
Health care is one of the more complex components of U.S. society. Its complexity is such that it is hard to define and even more difficult to describe in meaningful terms. Is health care anExpand
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Marketing Health Services
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The Methods and Materials of Demography
This chapter reviews the basic materials and methods of demography and their relevance for applied demography as a sub-discipline. Expand
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Society and Health
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Health Services Planning
Chapter 1. Introduction to Health Services Planning - Chapter 2. An Overview of Health Planning Chapter 3. The Social and Health Systems Context for Health Services - Chapter 4. Health ServicesExpand
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Society and Health: Sociology for Health Professionals
I. Introduction to the Sociology of Health and Illness. II. The Language of Healthcare. III. The Societal Context of Healthcare. IV. The Cultural Dimension of Healthcare. V. The U.S. HealthcareExpand
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Demography for Business Decision Making
This book is intended as an introduction to the concepts and methods of business demography defined as the application of demographic data and methods to business decision-making. The authorsExpand
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Population Size, Distribution and Concentration
The size of the population within a geographic area – typically measured in terms of the number of people – is the simplest and most straightforward of demographic attributes. And, for many purposes,Expand
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The Demography of Health and Healthcare
This book is intended as an introduction to the emerging subdiscipline of health demography. It has been written "for an audience of health care practitioners academic and private sector demographersExpand
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Morbidity and Mortality
Of all demographic factors, morbidity and mortality represent the clearest linkage between demography and health care. In a general way, they represent both the level of need and the extent of theExpand
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