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New global forest/non-forest maps from ALOS PALSAR data (2007–2010)
Abstract Four global mosaics of Advanced Land Observing Satellite (ALOS) Phased Arrayed L-band Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) HH and HV polarization data were generated at 25 m spatial resolutionExpand
Drivers of urban growth in the Kathmandu valley, Nepal: Examining the efficacy of the analytic hierarchy process
Abstract This article explores the driving factors of urban growth in Kathmandu Valley using analytic hierarchy process. The dynamic pattern of urban growth in the valley has been greatly influencedExpand
Examining Spatiotemporal Urbanization Patterns in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal: Remote Sensing and Spatial Metrics Approaches
This paper examines the spatiotemporal pattern of urbanization in Kathmandu Valley using remote sensing and spatial metrics techniques. Expand
Scenario based urban growth allocation in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal
Abstract Urban areas are expanding at a very fast rate worldwide. The task of managing urban growth has increased in both scope and complexity and has become one of the most important challenges inExpand
Land evaluation for peri-urban agriculture using analytical hierarchical process and geographic information system techniques: A case study of Hanoi
Abstract This paper presents an integrated technique of analytical hierarchical process (AHP) and geographic information system (GIS) to evaluate the land for peri-urban agriculture. Hanoi province,Expand
Urban mapping, accuracy, & image classification: A comparison of multiple approaches in Tsukuba City, Japan
Abstract The rapid growth of urban space and its environmental challenges require precise mapping techniques to represent complex earth surface features more accurately. In this study, we examinedExpand
Glacial lakes and glacial lake outburst floods in Nepal
The world’s climate has been warming for more than a hundred years: there have been fluctuations, notably cooling phases in the 1960s and 1970s, although long-term records indicate an acceleratingExpand
Potential of high-resolution ALOS–PALSAR mosaic texture for aboveground forest carbon tracking in tropical region
Abstract Estimating accurate aboveground forest carbon stocks (AFCS) is always challenging in tropical regions due to the complex mosaic of forest structure and species diversity. This studyExpand
Status of a protected area system in the Hindu Kush-Himalayas: An analysis of PA coverage
Multifaceted patterns of protected area (PA) expansion are reviewed considering: i) the increase in PA number and coverage; ii) distribution and extent of important bird areas (IBAs); and iii)Expand