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On the Assessment of Surface Heat Flux and Evaporation Using Large-Scale Parameters
Abstract In an introductory review it is reemphasized that the large-scale parameterization of the surface fluxes of sensible and latent heat is properly expressed in terms of energeticExpand
Effect of permittivity matching on the flashover of solid/liquid interfaces
The flashover characteristics of pressboard, polycarbonate, polyphenylene oxide, Permali and Perspex have been measured under ramp function pseudoimpulse voltage application conditions in clean, dry,Expand
Small-Scale Magnetic Fluctuations Inside the Macrotor Tokamak.
Magnetic pickup loops inserted into the Macrotor tokamak have shown a broad spectrum of oscillation in ${B}_{r}$ and ${B}_{p}$ up to $f\ensuremath{\approx}100$ kHz. The high-frequencyExpand
Interaction of Anchors with Soil and Anchor Design
Abstract : The report provides a practical up-to-date guide that enables the practicing engineer to select and size common anchor types, including direct- embedment anchors, deadweight anchors,Expand
Formation and Interaction of Ion-Acoustic Solitions
The formation and propagation of ion-acoustic solitons are observed experimentally. The character of a solitary pulse is observed to follow the predictions of the Kortewegde Vries equation withExpand
Suction piles for mooring of mobile offshore bases
As part of the feasibility study of constructing mobile offshore bases (MOBs), suction piles are currently being studied to provide the necessary mooring capability for this very large floatingExpand
Investigation of the Decay of Orbitally-Excited B Mesons and First Measurement of the Branching Ratio BR ( B ∗ J → B ∗ π ( X ) ) The OPAL Collaboration
From about 4 million hadronic Z0 decays recorded by the OPAL detector on and near to the Z0 resonance, we select a sample of more than 570 000 inclusively reconstructed B mesons. Orbitally-excitedExpand
Dose levels outside radiotherapy beams.
Measurements have been made on a 300 kV X-ray unit and on two different 4 MV and one 8 MV linear accelerators to determine the levels of leakage radiation and scattered radiation in air, and in a phantom comparable in size to the trunk of the patient. Expand
Single anchor holding capacities for ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) in typical deep sea sediments
Performance characteristics of possible anchors for the Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion power plant (OTEC) are presented. Certain constraints on the OTEC mooring design resulting from the analysis ofExpand