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Methyl bromide—Is there any future for this noteworthy fumigant?
Abstract For many years methyl bromide has played a significant role in controlling insect pests in durable and perishable agricultural commodities, pests in the soil and in structures. AlthoughExpand
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A comparison of the extent and impacts of sewage contamination on urban groundwater in developed and developing countries.
In much of the world urban groundwater is an important resource for domestic and industrial use. In many developing countries, groundwater taken directly (untreated) from individual springs and wellsExpand
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Toxic reaction to inhaled paint fumes.
An acute confusional state was observed to follow heavy exposure to polyurethane gloss paint fumes in a previously healthy 60 year old man. This state remitted over a 3-day period, but was followedExpand
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Smoking in pregnancy, maternal blood pressure, pregnancy outcome, baby weight and growth, and other related factors. A prospective study.
A prospective survey was conducted among 200 women attending the 2 primary maternity units in Sheffield in an attempt to establish what factors are primarily responsible for the smaller size of theExpand
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MANY studies have been made and reported on the relationship between the pregnant woman’s smoking habit and the pregnancy outcome. There is considerable agreement that when smokers and non-smokersExpand
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The effects of a megalevel of vitamin C on the immune response of the chicken.
Birds fed diets supplemented with 1% vitamin C experienced significant increases in serum levels of vitamin C. Cell-mediated immunity and antibody response to sheep red blood cells, a T-cellExpand
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Gastro-colic fistula secondary to benign gastric ulceration.
  • R. Taylor
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  • Postgraduate medical journal
  • 1 April 1978
An 80-year-old woman developed osteoarthritis of the knees as a complication of her obesity. Indomethacin treatment precipitated gastric ulceration, which led to the formation of a gastro-colicExpand
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The effects of diurnal rhythms on immune parameters in New Hampshire chickens.
The influence of diurnal rhythms on several immune parameters was studied. When thymic-derived lymphocytes were collected 4 times during a 24-hour period, a variation occurred in the migrationExpand
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