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New Computations of the Tide‐generating Potential
Summary A time-harmonic expansion of the gravitational tide potential is computed using an ephemeris of high precision for the Moon and the Sun and the latest I.A.U. astronomical constants. TheExpand
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The adiabatic stability of stars containing magnetic fields – VI. The influence of rotation
Etude de l'effet de la rotation uniforme sur les instabilites d'etoiles contenant un champ magnetique. Pour obtenir une stabilite complete, il faudrait une vitesse de rotation non realiste
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The Stars: Their Structure and Evolution
Preface Symbols Numerical values 1. Introduction 2. Observational properties of stars 3. The equations of stellar structure 4. The physics of stellar interiors 5. The structure of main sequenceExpand
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The influence of a magnetic field on Schwarzschild's criterion for convective instability in an ideally conducting fluid
(Received 1965 August 12) % Summary The influence of a magnetic field on the onset of adiabatic thermal convection in a compressible ideally conducting fluid is studied. In the absence of a magneticExpand
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The Mystery of the Cosmic Helium Abundance
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