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Isolation of efficient antivirals: genetic suppressor elements against HIV-1
The development of general approaches for the isolation of efficient antivirals and the identification and validation of targets for drug screening are becoming increasingly important, due to theExpand
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Identification of cell surface and secreted proteins essential for tumor cell survival using a genetic suppressor element screen
Survival factors play critical roles in regulating cell growth in normal and cancer cells. We designed a genetic screen to identify survival factors which protect tumor cells from apoptosis. AExpand
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Expression analysis of secreted and cell surface genes of five transformed human cell lines and derivative xenograft tumors
BackgroundSince the early stages of tumorigenesis involve adhesion, escape from immune surveillance, vascularization and angiogenesis, we devised a strategy to study the expression profiles of allExpand
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Mutational Analysis of the PTEN/MMAC1 Tumor Suppressor Gene in Sporadic Glioblastoma Multiforme
In 1997 MMAC1 or the PTEN gene, was identified as a tumor suppressor gene on the long arm of chromosome 10.PTEN involves in the balance between proliferation, and differentiation, apoptosis andExpand
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Gingival Thickness Assessment: Visual versus Direct Measurement
Background and Aim: Several methods have been suggested to measure gingival thickness. This study aimed to assess the reliability of visual assessment of facial gingival biotype of maxillary andExpand