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Chemotaxonomy of Veroniceae and its allies in the Plantaginaceae.
In a chemosystematic investigation of tribe Veroniceae (Plantaginaceae), representatives of Camptoloma, Sibthorpia, Veronica subg. Pentasepalae and subg. Hebe, Veronicastrum, Wulfenia, and theExpand
Reduction in urinary organophosphate pesticide metabolites in adults after a week-long organic diet.
The consumption of an organic diet for one week significantly reduced OP pesticide exposure in adults, and larger scale studies in different populations are required to confirm these findings and investigate their clinical relevance. Expand
Iridoid glucosides of the genus Veronica s.l. and their systematic significance
A correlation between the chemical characters (iridoids and flavonoids) and the chromosome base numbers of the perennial Veronica species was established and Origin of the annual species from the perennials through two evolutionary lines was supposed. Expand
Iridoid Patterns of Genus Plantago L. and Their Systematic Significance
The distribution of 14 iridoid glucosides in 14 Plantago L. species (44 samples corresponding to 18 taxa) was shown and showed a good correlation with morphological and other chemical features of the representatives of genus Plantago. Expand
GC/MS Analysis of Some Bioactive Constituents from Carthamus lanatus L.
Abstract Sterols, triterpenes, volatiles, polar and other constituents in aerial parts of Carthamus lanatus were analyzed by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. Over 90 compounds were identifiedExpand
Chemotaxonomic markers in Digitalideae (Plantaginaceae).
In a chemosystematic investigation of Digitalideae (Plantaginaceae), the water-soluble part of extracts of two species of Digitalis, two species of Isoplexis, as well as Erinus alpinus and LafuenteaExpand
Iridoid and phenylethanoid glucosides from Veronica lavaudiana.
From an extract of Veronica (sect. Hebe) lavaudiana, mannitol and isolated 11 iridoid glucosides, the carbohydrate ester hebitol II, and four phenylethanoid glycoside esters are identified, demonstrating that the structures of the known glycosides globularitol and hebitols I and II should be revised. Expand
Flavonoid profiles in the Heliohebe group of New Zealand Veronica (Plantaginaceae)
The relatively simple flavonoid profiles found in the Heliohebe group are plesiomorphic and consistent with the group's status as sister to the Hebe clade. Expand
Iridoid glucosides from Lamium album and Lamium maculatum (Lamiaceae)
1. Subject and sourceLamium album L. maculatum is a perennial herb used in folk medicine as blood tonic, antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory agent and has been used in the Chinese folk medicine for treatment of trauma, fracture andhypertension. Expand
Exudate flavonoid aglycones of Veronica: Ecological and systematic implications
The observed exudate profiles appeared to be characteristic for some related groups within the genus flavonoid aglycone accumulation, in agreement with the morphological, karyological, molecular and other chemical data. Expand