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‘Islamophobia never stands still’: race, religion, and culture
Abstract Islamophobia bundles religious, ethnic and cultural prejudices together even though a narrow definition of the term flags religion as playing the central part. Calls for decoupling religionExpand
Xenophobia and Islamophobia in Europe
Acknowledgements 1. Studying phobias 2. Norms and models of migrant rights 3. From fears about immigrants to prejudices against Muslims 4. Islamophobia's deep structures and shallow stereotypes 5.Expand
Challenging Multiculturalism: European Models of Diversity
  • R. Taras
  • Political Science
  • 17 December 2012
This book tackles the challenge of dismantling the multicultural model without destroying diversity in European society. Have Europeans become hostile to multiculturalism? When people vote forExpand
Consolidating democracy in Poland
Introduction: Approaches to Democratization Historic Discontinuities: Dynasties, Republics, Partitions The Functioning of the Communist Regime Crises of the Communist System Coalition Formation andExpand
New states, new politics : building the post-Soviet nations
Part I. Introduction: 1. Post-Soviet nationalities theory: past, present and future Ian Bremmer Part II. Russia and its Nations: 2. Russia: confronting a loss of empire John Dunlop 3. The NorthExpand
Understanding Ethnic Conflict: The International Dimension
The first decade of the twenty-first century has demonstrated how nationalism, ethnicity, and religion remain among the most powerful political forces shaping the world. Even while democracy makesExpand
Religion and immigration: migrant faiths in North America and Western Europe
They are part of local communities; they constitute a part of the national stock of Muslims; they connect to the European realm; and they are Muslim in a broader transnational realm. As the authorsExpand
Understanding Ethnic Conflict
I. ETHNIC CONFLICT AND INTERNATIONAL POLITICS: A CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK Chapter 1. Ethnic Conflict on the World Stage Chapter 2. Ethnic Conflict and International Norms Chapter 3. Ethnic Conflict andExpand
Liberal and Illiberal Nationalisms
List of Figures Acknowledgements New Millennium, Old Nationalism? Nations and Nationalism Historically Nationalisms Conceptuality Home Writ Large: Nationalism and the Maintenance of Empire Home WritExpand
Democracy in Poland
A comprehensive analysis of contemporary Polish politics, exploring the problems and achievements of this young European democracy, with its disjuncture between mass and elite political cleavages,Expand