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Masters of Terror: Indonesia's Military and Violence in East Timor
1 Introduction 2 Masters of Terror: The Indonesian Findings 3 Full Report of the Investigative Commission into Human Rights Violations in East Timor 4 The Key Suspects: An Introduction 5 CrimesExpand
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Nuclear power, risk management and democratic accountability in Indonesia
Richard Tanter, Arabella Imhoff and David Von Hippel of the Nautilus Institute write that Indonesia’s handling of its proposal for a large nuclear power plant on the Muria peninsula in Central JavaExpand
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Out of the War: Eight Steps to a Sustainable Peace in Afghanistan
The characteristics and the difficulties related to the war that was started by the United States in Afghanistan are analyzed. There are eight steps that should be taken by the Australian governmentExpand
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South Korea's nuclear surprise
As more and more countries adopt the IAEA's Additional Protocol, all kinds of nuclear secrets will come spilling out. Currently under the microscope: South Korea.
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Absurd, obscene and reckless - American nuclear weapons in the defence of Australia
Most Australians are unaware that their government aims to defend their country with US nuclear genocide. For the past two decades every Australian government has claimed to defend Australia againstExpand
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The US Military Presence in Australia: Asymmetrical Alliance Cooperation and its Alternatives
Through the ANZUS alliance, Australia, like Japan and South Korea, has been a key part of the United States “hub-and-spokes” Asia-Pacific alliance structure for more than sixty years, dating back toExpand
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The "Joint Facilities" revisited - Desmond Ball, democratic debate on security, and the human interest
Temper Democratic, Bias Human1Desmond Ball's labours through four decades to elucidate the character of US defence and intelligence facilities in Australia, to document the evidence, test the balanceExpand
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“Just in Case”: Extended Nuclear Deterrence in the Defense of Australia
This paper examines the foundations and rationale for Australian reliance on US assurances of extended nuclear deterrence. The Australian model of extended nuclear deterrence is marked by its lack ofExpand
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The politics of middle class Indonesia
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