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Development of the Multicultural Counseling Inventory: A self-report measure of multicultural competencies.
This article presents the Multicultural Counseling Inventory, a self-report instrument that measures multicultural counseling competencies in counselors.
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‘How Shall We Sign That?’: Interactions Between a Profoundly Deaf Tutor and Tutee Involved in a Cross-Age Paired Reading Program
This paper reports on the use of a cross‐age tutoring program designed to improve the literacy skills of a profoundly deaf girl. In a novel approach to such programs, both tutor and tuteeExpand
The Relationship Between In‐Session Significant Events and Session Outcome for Prepracticum Counselor Trainees and Their Volunteer Clients
The relationship between the number of task, interpersonal, and hindering events and session outcome was examined for prepracticum trainees. Implications for counselor training are discussed.
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Behavioural and cognitive approaches to social skills training with young children
Establishing peer relationships is an important part of social development in children. Children who are social isolates or rejected by their peers may be at risk in their social relationships duringExpand
CSU degree: course directors and the ACPR
Social Skills Training with Aggressive-Rejected Children:
Many of the attempts over the past 30 years to intervene in the social lives of rejected children have employed the social skills training (SST) methodology. While most of these intervention effortsExpand
Managing Children's Interactions with Cultural Heritage Places
The impact of children on cultural heritage places is a phenomenon dreaded by parks managers. Children's means of exploring and comprehending the world around them is much more direct and lessExpand