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A note on Wallemia sebi
  • R. T. Moore
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Antonie van Leeuwenhoek
  • 1 March 1986
A review of the available information on the monotypic genus Wallemia supports the interpretation that W. sebi is probably a basidiomycete and may be a teleomorph. It has dolipore/parenthesome septaExpand
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Though the dictyosome of the Golgi apparatus appears to be generally distributed in plant and animal cells, it is here described for the first time in the fungi. The present report illustrates, inExpand
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Deuteromycetes I: The Sporidesmium Complex
An attempt to identify a Sporidesmium leads one to the realization that such an identification is at present impossible. Researches toward a monograph of the genus have made manifest that before suchExpand
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Index to the Helicosporae: Addenda
Since publishing the Index (6), eleven new Helicosporae and several new distribution records have come to my attention. Glen-Bott (3) adds three new species to the genus Helicodendron. She includesExpand
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Hiospira, a new genus of the Helicosporae
Hiospira, monotype H. hendrickxii (Hansf.) comb.nov. is erected for Helicosporium hendrickxii Hansford.
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