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Exposure to hurricane-related stressors and mental illness after Hurricane Katrina.
CONTEXT Uncertainty exists about the prevalence, severity, and correlates of mental disorders among people exposed to Hurricane Katrina. OBJECTIVE To estimate the prevalence and associationsExpand
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Mental illness and suicidality after Hurricane Katrina.
OBJECTIVE To estimate the impact of Hurricane Katrina on mental illness and suicidality by comparing results of a post-Katrina survey with those of an earlier survey. METHODS The NationalExpand
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Serious emotional disturbance among youths exposed to Hurricane Katrina 2 years postdisaster.
OBJECTIVE To estimate the prevalence of serious emotional disturbance (SED) among children and adolescents exposed to Hurricane Katrina along with the associations of SED with hurricane-relatedExpand
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Posttraumatic Stress Among Students After the Shootings at Virginia Tech
On April 16, 2007, in the worst campus shooting incident in U.S. history, 49 students and faculty at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech) were shot, of whom 32 wereExpand
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Psychological Impact of Fire Disaster on Children and Their Parents
Six weeks following a major wildfire, children’s psychosocial functioning was examined. Employing a multimethod assessment approach, the short-term mental health consequences of the fire wereExpand
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Fear in children and adolescents: relations with negative life events, attributional style, and avoidant coping.
In this study, we explored relations among negative life events, negative attributional style, avoidant coping, and level of fear in 99 children who had survived residential fires. Overall, negativeExpand
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Posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms and injury: the moderating role of perceived social support and coping for young adults
Abstract Individuals who experience a traumatic event are at risk of developing posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The present investigation examined (1) the relationship between PTSD symptoms andExpand
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Programming response maintenance after withdrawing token reinforcement
The present investigation evaluated a strategy designed to maintain behavior after withdrawing a token reinforcement program. In a special education classroom, educably retarded children receivedExpand
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Child, Adolescent, and Adult Victims of Residential Fire
Behavior of children, adolescents, and adults during and after a residential fire was objectively assessed. Antecedents, behaviors, and consequences of the nighttime residential fire immediately andExpand
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