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IAR3 Encodes an Auxin Conjugate Hydrolase from Arabidopsis
Amide-linked conjugates of indole-3-acetic acid (IAA) are putative storage or inactivation forms of the growth hormone auxin. Here, we describe the Arabidopsis iar3 mutant that displays reducedExpand
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Who predicts better?: results from an online study comparing humans and an online recommender system
Algorithmic recommender systems attempt to predict which items a target user will like based on information about the user's prior preferences and the preferences of a larger community. Expand
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2,7-Disubstituted amidofluorenone derivatives as inhibitors of human telomerase.
Telomerase is a major new target for the rational design of novel anticancer agents. We have previously identified anthraquinone-based molecules capable of inhibiting telomerase by stabilizingExpand
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Theory and Basic Principles
The basic purpose of lubrication is minimisation of friction and wear. Expand
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Pluralist beliefs about new technology within a manufacturing organization
There is little systematic survey evidence so far on the attitudes and beliefs of those involved with new technology in small batch manufacturing. Here the authors present findings on the responsesExpand
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TEM observation of silane coupling agent in silica-filled rubber tyre compound
The microdispersion of silica in filled elastomer vulcanisates was evaluated by transmission electron microscopy (TEM)—network visualisation analysis. In this study, the silica is modified with aExpand
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Axial Fatigue Strength of Carbon Fibre Reinforced Bone Cement
The use of surface treated high tensile carbon fibers as reinforcing in acrylic bone cement is discussed. This reinforcement is shown to have certain advantages over untreated high modulus fibers asExpand
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The American Commitment to Public Propoganda
I have been involved for the past twenty years in the practice of American diplomacy. Five of those years have been spent working closely with, or in, the American foreign information program.Expand
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