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The Dinosaur Heresies
This study of the habits of dinosaurs covers how they ate, how they reproduced and how they moved. Robert Bakker's illustrations are based on first-hand studies of dinosaur exhibits in museumsExpand
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Taphonomy and paleoecology of the dinosaur beds of the Jurassic Morrison Formation
The Upper Jurassic Morrison Formation has yielded one of the richest dinosaur faunas of the world. Morrison sediments are distributed over more than a million square kilometers in the western UnitedExpand
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Dinosaur feeding behaviour and the origin of flowering plants
A reappraisal of current theorie suggests that the origin of flowering plants was closely correlated with the spread of big, low-browsing dinosaurs.
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Experimental and Fossil Evidence for the Evolution of Tetrapod Bioenergetics
Tetrapod evolution is the story of the interaction of individuals and populations with their primary producers, competitors, prey, and predators, all armed with various levels of metabolism andExpand
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Juvenile-Adult Habitat Shift in Permian Fossil Reptiles and Amphibians
Among extant large reptiles, juveniles often occupy different habitats from those of adults or subadults and thus avoid competition with and predation from the older animals; small juveniles oftenExpand
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Chapter 14 Tetrapod Mass Extinctions — A Model of the Regulation of Speciation Rates and Immigration by Cycles of Topographic Diversity
Publisher Summary The description of mass extinctions, one of the unique gifts of palaeontology to evolutionary and ecological theory, is a rich source of opportunities for generating and testingExpand
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ROBERT C. VRUENHOEK: Single and Multilocus Factors Affecting Survival and Population Dynamics in Poeciliopsis E. ZOUROS: Growth Rate and Heterozygosity in Marine Bivalves: The Implications of TrueExpand
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