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Anticipating China: Thinking through the Narratives of Chinese and Western Culture
3.8/5 Ratings: 13 Reviews: 1 Pages: 358 Anticipating China: Thinking Through the Narratives of ... www.amazon.com › … › New, Used & Rental Textbooks › Humanities The book Anticipating China:Expand
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Culture and the limits of Catholicism: A Chinese response toCentesimus Annus
However much the Catholic Church may wish to free the peoples of the world from the excessive atheistic rationalism of the Englihtenment that has pitted science against religion, it is still in mostExpand
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Family Reverence (xiao 孝) in the Analects: Confucian Role Ethics and the Dynamics of Intergenerational Transmission
We begin this chapter on family reverence (xiao 孝) from the assumption that within the interpretive framework of the Analects, associated, interpersonal living is taken to be an uncontested,Expand
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Rationality, Correlativity, and The Language of Process
The logo of the western world, its pennant (eventually, we must assume, its epitaph), depicts Zeno's ever-fixed arrow and the futile trajectory of its unflown flight. All of the bemusements ofExpand
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Remembering David Hall: David L. Hall (1937-2001)
David Hall was first, last—and forever—a philosopher. And he was a very good one. As a philosopher, he was a self-confessed ‘‘pragmatist,’’ where the defining characteristic of a pragmatist as heExpand
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