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Kepler Asteroseismology Program: Introduction and First Results
ABSTRACT.Asteroseismology involves probing the interiors of stars and quantifying their global properties, such as radius and age, through observations of normal modes of oscillation. The technicalExpand
Blazhko RR Lyrae light curves as modulated signals
We present an analytical formalism for the description of Blazhko RR Lyrae light curves. In this formalism the amplitude and frequency modulations are treated in a manner similar to the theory ofExpand
The complex case of V445 Lyr observed with Kepler: two Blazhko modulations, a non‐radial mode, possible triple mode RR Lyrae pulsation, and more
Rapid and strong changes in the Blazhko modulation of RR Lyrae stars, as have recently been detected in high-precision satellite data, have become a crucial topic in finding an explanation of theExpand
Does Kepler unveil the mystery of the Blazhko effect? First detection of period doubling in Kepler Blazhko RR Lyrae stars
The first detection of the period doubling phenomenon is reported in the Kepler RR Lyrae stars RR Lyr, V808 Cyg and V355 Lyr. Interestingly, all these pulsating stars show Blazhko modulation. TheExpand
Flavours of variability: 29 RR Lyrae stars observed with Kepler
We present our analysis of Kepler observations of 29 RR Lyrae stars, based on 138 d of observation. We report precise pulsation periods for all stars. Nine of these stars had incorrect or unknownExpand
In order to benefit from the four year unprecedented precision of the Kepler data, we extracted light curves from the pixel photometric data of the Kepler space telescope for 15 Blazhko RR LyraeExpand
Looking for activity cycles in late-type Kepler stars using time-frequency analysis
We analyse light curves covering four years of 39 fast-rotating ($P_\mathrm{rot}< 1d$) late-type active stars from the Kepler database. Using time-frequency analysis (Short-Term Fourier-Transform),Expand
Variability of M giant stars based on Kepler photometry: general characteristics
M giants are among the longest period pulsating stars which is why their studies were traditionally restricted to analyses of low-precision visual observations, and, more recently, accurateExpand
Kepler photometry of RRc stars: peculiar double-mode pulsations and period doubling
We present the analysis of four first overtone RR Lyrae stars observed with the Kepler space telescope, based on data obtained over nearly 2.5yr. All four stars are found to be multiperiodic. TheExpand
The CoRoT star 105288363: Strong cycle-to-cycle changes of the Blazhko modulation
We present an analysis of the COnvection, ROtation and planetary Transits (CoRoT) star 105288363, a new Blazhko RR Lyrae star of type RRab (f 0 = 1.7623 d ―1 ), observed with the CoRoT spacecraftExpand