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Extraction and quantification of saponins: A review
Saponins, a second metabolites mainly derived from plant materials, have been used extensively in drug-related industry due to the pharmaceutical properties. Expand
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Development of beetroot (Beta vulgaris) powder using foam mat drying
Abstract Beetroot ( Beta vulgaris ) is normally used as natural food colorants in food industry. The objectives of this research are (1) to determine the effect of types (egg albumen and fishExpand
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Physico-chemical properties, amino acid profile and antinutritional factors in seeds of three Malaysian grown jackfruit cultivars
Jackfruit seed is an under-utilized crop with essential dietary nutrients gaining more attention in the recent years. The physico-chemical properties, amino acid profile, and some anti-nutritionalExpand
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Effects of extrusion variables on corn-mango peel extrudates properties, torque and moisture loss
ABSTRACT Effects of extruder parameters (barrel temperature: 75–175°C; screw speed: 76–100 rpm) and feed formulations (feed moisture: 15–21%; mango peel powder: 0–33.33%) on the extrudate properties,Expand
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Current trends of tropical fruit waste utilization
ABSTRACT Recent rapid growth of the world's population has increased food demands. This phenomenon poses a great challenge for food manufacturers in maximizing the existing food or plant resources.Expand
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Effect of roasting conditions on color development and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR-ATR) analysis of Malaysian-grown tropical almond nuts (Terminalia catappa L.)
BackgroundProper roasting is crucial to flavor, color, and texture development in the final product. In recent years, several research studies have been carried out to establish the best optimumExpand
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Microencapsulation of red palm oil as an oil-in-water emulsion with supercritical carbon dioxide solution-enhanced dispersion
Abstract Feasibility of microencapsulating red palm oil (RPO) with solution enhanced-dispersion by supercritical carbon dioxide (SEDS) without using high-temperatures or organic solvents wasExpand
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Simultaneous and sequential estimation of kinetic parameters in a starch viscosity model.
A modified Brookfield viscometer equipped with a data acquisition system was used to study gelatinizing behavior of native corn starch. Data for the dependent variable (continuous torque), andExpand
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