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Arbutin and sucrose in the leaves of the resurrection plant Myrothamnus flabellifolia
Abstract Forty-two per cent of the desiccated leaves of Myrothamnus flabellifolia was extracted in methanol, and contained two major components, sucrose (30%) and arbutin (65%). Its arbutin contentExpand
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Enhanced functionality for donor-acceptor oligothiophenes by means of inclusion of BODIPY: synthesis, electrochemistry, photophysics, and model chemistry.
We have synthesized several new push-pull oligothiophenes based on the boron dipyrromethene (BODIPY) moiety as the electron acceptor and the more well-known oligothiophenes substituted withExpand
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Ismine and related alkaloids from Lapiedra martinezii
Abstract Three phenantridine alkaloids have been isolated for the first time from natural sources ( Lapiedra martinezii ). Their structures suggest a biosynthetic relationships with ismine.
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Dendrimerized cellulose as a scaffold for artificial antigens with applications in drug allergy diagnosis.
Cellulose-based dendrimerized material was prepared and its quality was assessed by determining the number of amine functional groups incorporated. Based on the results for a series of preparations,Expand
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Alkaloid N-oxides of amaryllidaceae
Abstract Ungiminorine N -oxide was isolated from Pancratium maritimum , and homolycorine N -oxide and O -methyl lycorenine N -oxide from Lapiedra martinezii . These compounds represent the firstExpand
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Molecules with Multiple Light-Emissive Electronic Excited States as a Strategy toward Molecular Reversible Logic Gates
A variety of molecule-based logic gates have been developed where chemical and/or physical inputs promote molecular changes integrating up to two logic gates and focusing on Boolean interpretationsExpand
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Synthesis of Homoprotoberberines and 8-Oxoprotoberberines by Sequential Bicyclization of Phenylacetamides
Abstract The reaction of phenylacetamides with oxalyl chloride/Lewis acid provides a convergent, high-yield entry to C-homoprotoberberine and 8-oxoprotoberberine alkaloids from available startingExpand
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Intermolecular benzyne cycloaddition (IBC) approach to aporphinoids. Total syntheses of norcepharadione B, cepharadione B, dehydroanonaine, duguenaine, dehydronornuciferine, pontevedrine,
We describe a useful novel approach to the synthesis of aporphinoids, including dehydroaporphines, aristolactams, 4,5-dioxoaporphines, and 7-oxoaporphines, by means of intermolecular benzyneExpand
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The palladium(0) Suzuki cross-coupling reaction as the key step in the synthesis of aporphinoids
Abstract We report a flexible approach to the total synthesis of 4,5-dioxoaporphines based on the palladium(0) catalyzed Suzuki cross-coupling of phenylboronic acids with sterically hindered 2-bromoExpand
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A versatile approach to the synthesis of 4,5-dioxoaporphine and 3,4-dioxocularine alkaloids. One-Pot sequential ring formation from arylacetamides
Abstract Cyclization of biarylacetamides to their phenanthrene derivatives is promoted by oxalyl chloride/stannyl chloride. The reaction proceeds with a second cyclization in which the oxalylExpand
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