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A DLL3-targeted antibody-drug conjugate eradicates high-grade pulmonary neuroendocrine tumor-initiating cells in vivo
Targeting DLL3 with an antibody-drug conjugate eliminates tumor-initiating cells in high-grade pulmonary neuroendocrine cancers. Not just another Notch Pulmonary neuroendocrine tumors, such as smallExpand
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Notch signaling respecifies the hemangioblast to a cardiac fate
To efficiently generate cardiomyocytes from embryonic stem (ES) cells in culture it is essential to identify key regulators of the cardiac lineage and to develop methods to control them. Using aExpand
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Heart Structure-Specific Transcriptomic Atlas Reveals Conserved microRNA-mRNA Interactions
MicroRNAs are short non-coding RNAs that regulate gene expression at the post-transcriptional level and play key roles in heart development and cardiovascular diseases. Here, we have characterizedExpand
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Predicting antisense oligonucleotide inhibitory efficacy: a computational approach using histograms and thermodynamic indices
We have developed three thermodynamic indices to evaluate putative structural complexes important in ASO action. Expand
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A PTK7-targeted antibody-drug conjugate reduces tumor-initiating cells and induces sustained tumor regressions
PTK7 is a tumor-initiating cell antigen, which can be targeted with an antibody-drug conjugate to confer sustained tumor regressions. Initiating an antitumor attack Cancer is notorious for relapsingExpand
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Pdx1 and Ngn3 Overexpression Enhances Pancreatic Differentiation of Mouse ES Cell-Derived Endoderm Population
In order to define the molecular mechanisms regulating the specification and differentiation of pancreatic β-islet cells, we investigated the effect of upregulating Pdx1 and Ngn3 during theExpand
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Comparison of wind speeds obtained using numerical weather prediction models and topographic exposure indices for predicting windthrow in mountainous terrain
Abstract Windthrow prediction models require data concerning stand characteristics and wind exposure. Geographic information system databases typically contain elevation, forest cover, and loggingExpand
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Antigene, Ribozyme and Aptamer Nucleic Acid Drugs: Progress and Prospects
Nucleic acids are increasingly being considered for therapeutic uses, either to interfere with the function of specific nucleic acids or to bind specific proteins. Three types of nucleic acid drugsExpand
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Anti-EFNA4 Calicheamicin Conjugates Effectively Target Triple-Negative Breast and Ovarian Tumor-Initiating Cells to Result in Sustained Tumor Regressions
Purpose: Triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) and ovarian cancer each comprise heterogeneous tumors, for which current therapies have little clinical benefit. Novel therapies that target andExpand
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An in vitro messenger RNA binding assay as a tool for identifying hybridization-competent antisense oligonucleotides.
The apparent dissociation constants for 32 phosphodiester and 5 phosphorothioate antisense oligodeoxyribonucleotides (ODN) targeted to murine tumor necrosis factor-alpha (mTNF-alpha) mRNA wereExpand
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