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Russian and Soviet Economic Performance and Structure
Preface. I. THE ORIGINS OF THE SOVIET ECONOMY. 1. The Administrative Command Economy. 2. The Economic History of Russia to 1917. 3. War Communism and the New Economic Policy: 1918-1928. 4. The Soviet
Comparing Economic Systems in the Twenty-First Century
Note: Chapters 2-22 conclude with a Summary. I. Economic Systems: Issues, Definitions, Comparisons 1. World Economic Systems in the Twenty-First Century The World Economy, History, and Economic
Comparative economic systems
Comparative economic systems , Comparative economic systems , کتابخانه دانشگاه امام صادق(ع)
The Contemporary Soviet City
This anthology of short stories by some of modern Korea's best-known writers reflects a rich variety of style and content. Manifest in these pages is a shared core experience of Korea's trajectory
Mobility where mobility is illegal: Internal migration and city growth in the Soviet Union
It is found that while there are pervasive patterns of city growth, the rate increasing through the 1960s and declining thereafter, there are also pervasive differences between controlled and uncontrolled cities, the later growing significantly faster in almost all cases, controlling for city size.
The Global Economy and Its Economic Systems
Part I. 1. Economic Systems in Historical Perspective. 2. Definitions and the Classification of Economic Systems. 3. Economic Systems and Economic Outcomes. 4. How Economic Systems Change. 5. The
Metropolitan Transportation Planning, Second Edition
This textbook provides coverage of the urban transportation planning field. Emphasis is placed on the interdisciplinary aspects of real-world metropolitan transportation with an orientation toward
Does Background Matter? The Transmission of Human Capital from a Planned to a Market Economy 1
The early U.S. economic achievement of former Soviet citizens entering the United States during the period 1979 through 1985 is analyzed. Using the Soviet Interview Project (SIP) data, components of