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Different sensitivities to pH of ATP-induced currents at four cloned P2X receptors.
The effect of changing extracellular pH was studied on the currents induced by ATP or alphabeta-methylene-ATP in HEK293 cells transfected with different P2X receptor subunits. In cells expressingExpand
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Membrane Topology of an ATP-gated Ion Channel (P2X Receptor)*
Western blots of Xenopus oocyte membrane preparations showed that the apparent molecular mass of the wild type P2X2 receptor (about 65 kDa) was reduced by pretreatment with endoglycosidase H.Expand
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Contribution of individual subunits to the multimeric P2X(2) receptor: estimates based on methanethiosulfonate block at T336C.
P2X receptors are membrane proteins that incorporate a cation-selective ion channel that can be opened by the binding of extracellular ATP. They associate as hetero- and homo-multimers of currentlyExpand
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Fading and rebound of P2X2 currents at millimolar ATP concentrations caused by low pH
  • R. Stoop, J. Quayle
  • Medicine, Chemistry
  • British journal of pharmacology
  • 1 September 1998
When ATP is applied at high concentrations (above 1 mM) to PC12 cells, it produces a rapidly desensitizing peak current followed by a rebound of the current after termination of the ATP application.Expand
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Role of the Extracellular and Cytoplasmic Domains of CD44 in the Rolling Interaction of Lymphoid Cells with Hyaluronan under Physiologic Flow*
CD44 can function as an adhesion receptor that mediates leukocyte rolling on hyaluronan (HA). To study the contributions of different domains of the standard isoform of CD44 to cell rolling, aExpand
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