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Coral habitat in the Aleutian Islands of Alaska: depth distribution, fine-scale species associations, and fisheries interactions
  • R. Stone
  • Geography
  • Coral Reefs
  • 8 March 2006
The first in situ exploration of Aleutian Island coral habitat was completed in 2002 to determine the distribution of corals, to examine fine-scale associations between targeted fish species andExpand
Corals of the Aleutian Islands
There is evidence that this region is the evolutionary centre of origin for some taxa of coldwater corals and there is an increase in diversity within the Aleutian Islands, consistent with the hypothesis of an ecological boundary in the vicinity of Samalga Pass. Expand
Precipitation decrease in the western Arctic, with special emphasis on Barrow and Barter Island, Alaska
Over the Arctic during the last few decades a decrease in annual precipitation and snow depths have been observed; this decrease is especially pronounced during the winter months. This decrease wasExpand
Seasonal Migration and Distribution of Female Red King Crabs in a Southeast Alaskan Estuary
Migration was associated with life-history events and may have occurred in response to spatial and temporal variations in environmental conditions and resources, and females displayed a highly aggregated distribution during winter in shallow water, where podding behavior of adult crabs was documented for the first time. Expand
Microbial consortia of gorgonian corals from the Aleutian islands.
The first microbiological characterization of the deep-sea gorgonian corals Paragorgea arborea, P. superba, and C. koolsae is reported, showing more similarity between genera than within coral species. Expand
Structure-Forming Corals and Sponges and Their Use as Fish Habitat in Bering Sea Submarine Canyons
It is shown that in some areas the floor of these canyons harbors high densities of gorgonian and pennatulacean corals and sponges, likely due to enhanced surface productivity, benthic currents and seafloor topography. Expand
Seasonal movements and distribution of Dungeness crabs Cancer magister in a glacial southeastern Alaska estuary
The discrete population of adult Dungeness crabs in Fritz Cove may be representative of most Dungemouth crab populations inhabiting shallow embayments of the coastal fjord system of southeastern Alaska. Expand
Growth rate and age determination of bamboo corals from the northeastern Pacific Ocean using refined 210Pb dating
Findings of slow growth and long life compared favorably with other bamboo coral studies and provided age estimates with greater precision provide a basis for a defensible position on the protection of bamboo coral and essential information for describing other life history characteristics. Expand
Damage and disturbance to coral and sponge habitat of the Aleutian Archipelago
Video imagery was examined to quantify seafloor disturbance and damage to corals and sponges relative to fishing practices in the central Aleutian Islands of Alaska. Corals and sponges wereExpand
Response of the sea whip Halipteris willemoesi to simulated trawl disturbance and its vulnerability to subsequent predation
Tissue losses among the dislodged and fractured sea whips increased throughout the experimental period and were mainly due to predation by the nudibranch Tritonia diomedea, which appeared to react with a strong scavenging response to sea whip lying on the seafloor. Expand