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Antiviral treatment of idiopathic sudden sensorineural hearing loss: a prospective, randomized, double-blind clinical trial.
A subclinical viral labyrinthitis has been postulated in the literature to elicit Idiopathic Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss. An etiological role for the herpes virus family is assumed.Expand
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Management of large vestibular schwannoma. Part I. Planned subtotal resection followed by Gamma Knife surgery: radiological and clinical aspects.
OBJECT In large vestibular schwannoma (VS), microsurgery is the main treatment option, and complete resection is considered the primary goal. However, previous studies have documented suboptimalExpand
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Follow-up assessment of vestibular schwannomas: volume quantification versus two-dimensional measurements
IntroductionA conservative treatment strategy is often proposed as a primary treatment option in the management of vestibular schwannomas (VS). In this “wait and scan” policy, audiovestibularExpand
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Artificial Balance: Restoration of the Vestibulo-Ocular Reflex in Humans with a Prototype Vestibular Neuroprosthesis
The vestibular system plays a crucial role in the multisensory control of balance. When vestibular function is lost, essential tasks such as postural control, gaze stabilization, and spatialExpand
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Bilateral Vestibular Hypofunction: Insights in Etiologies, Clinical Subtypes, and Diagnostics
Objective To evaluate the different etiologies and clinical subtypes of bilateral vestibular hypofunction (BVH) and the value of diagnostic tools in the diagnostic process of BVH. Materials andExpand
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Van Buchem disease (hyperostosis corticalis generalisata) maps to chromosome 17q12-q21.
Van Buchem disease (hyperostosis corticalis generalisata; OMIM 239100 [http://www3.ncbi.nlm.nih. gov:80/htbin-post/Omim/dispmim?239100]) is an autosomal recessive disorder characterized byExpand
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Bone-Anchored Hearing Aid: A Comparison of Surgical Techniques
Objective: To determine which bone-anchored hearing aid (BAHA) implantation surgical technique is associated with the fewest major postoperative complications and shortest time between surgery andExpand
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Habituation to galvanic vestibular stimulation for analysis of postural control abilities in gymnasts
The possible correlation between postural control abilities in gymnasts and the sensitivity for and the degree of short-term habituation to galvanic vestibular stimulation (GVS) was studied. SevenExpand
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Selective vestibular ablation by intratympanic gentamicin in patients with unilateral active ménière's disease: a prospective, double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized clinical trial
Objective To establish the efficacy of intratympanic gentamicin treatment in patients with unilateral Ménière's disease. Material and Methods This was a prospective, double-blind, randomized clinicalExpand
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Treatment of Idiopathic Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss with Antiviral Therapy: A Prospective, Randomized, Double-Blind Clinical Trial
A subclinical viral labyrinthitis has been postulated in the literature to elicit idiopathic sudden sensorineural hearing loss (ISSHL). An etiologic role for the herpes family is assumed.Expand
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