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Fluorometric determination of salicylic acid in buffered aspirin products.
A rapid fluorometric method for the determination of total salicylic acid in buffered aspirin products has been developed and compared with existing methods. The new procedure is essentially aExpand
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Application of high-speed liquid chromatography to organic microanalysis. I
SummaryThe construction of a simple, inexpensive system for high-speed liquid chromatography is described. The system consists of a microdetector based on the principle of polarography with aExpand
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Application of high-speed liquid chromatography to organic microanalysis. II
SummaryThis paper describes the types of liquid chromatographic systems which are particularly suitable for polarographic detection. The use of high-speed liquid chromatography for the separation andExpand
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Application of high-speed liquid chromatography to organic microanalysis. III
SummaryA simple, inexpensive approach to high-speed liquid chromatography at low pressures is described. The use of pre-packed silica gel columns combined with uv monitoring of effluents isExpand
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Clear gelled cosmetic composition and its production
PURPOSE: To prepare a cosmetic composition for a transparent, acidic, gelled, antiperspirant and deodorant stick by enabling DBMSA(dibenzylidene monosorbitol acetal) of a transparent gelating agentExpand
ACME Note AMS-1: Mass Spectrometers in a Time Shared Computer Environment
The use of a time shared computer system for mass spectrometer data acquisition and/or instrument control is described. Expand
A Microcomputer Interface for Controlling Valve Position
ABSTRACT A microcomputer interface for the control of valve position using stepping motors is described. Designed to be used on Z-80 microcomputers employing the IEEE-696/S-100 bus, the interface isExpand
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translucent gelled cosmetic compositions and preparation procedure.
COSMETIC COMPOUND PRESENTED gelled STABLE, TRANSPARENT AND SUBSTANTIALLY ANHYDRIDE useful for preparing BAR deodorant and antiperspirants are substantially free aliphatic alcohols, monohydroxy LOWER.Expand