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Systems Theory as an Alternative to Action Theory? The Rise of 'Communication' as a Theoretical Option
The argument of the essay has two main parts. First, it reflects on the presumed conflict between action theories and systems theories in sociology. Looking at authors such as James Coleman, TalcottExpand
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Scientific Disciplines, History of
The scientific discipline, as the primary unit of internal differentiation of science, is an invention of nineteenth century society. There exists a long semantic prehistory of disciplina as a termExpand
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Professions in modern society
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The Eigenstructures of World Society and the Regional Cultures of the World
World society is the only societal system that presently exists in the world. This statement formulates a highly improbable hypothesis. First of all one will ask questions about the concept ofExpand
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The Genesis of a Global Public Sphere
Rudolf Stichweh examines the origins of the global public sphere since the 18th century in Europe. He defines it as the internal environment (milieu interne) of a world system and looks at audienceExpand
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Bringing Sociology to International Relations: The history and systematics of functional differentiation in sociology
The origins of the concept of functional differentiation are to be found in early modern Europe. There is first of all the concept of vocation (‘Berufsstände’) which in its strong Protestant andExpand
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Science in the system of world society
This paper analyses the dynamics of science as one global function system in world society. One basic paradox is pointed out: globalization arises via the nationalization of science in the 19thExpand
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Self-Organization and Autopoiesis in the Development of Modern Science
The following considerations try to analyze the interrelationships between the autonomy and self-referentiality of modern science as a social system. Such interrelationships are obvious. Even if oneExpand
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On the Genesis of World Society: Innovations and Mechanisms
Artiklen lægger ud med at give et konkret historisk svar spørgsmålet: Hvornår begynder verdenssamfundets historie? Verdenssystemteori (Wallerstein) og systemteori (Luhmann) er enige om at lokalisereExpand
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